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With a vision to build single-family residential housing in Montgomery, Ed Lowder started Lowder Construction in 1956. Over the past 62 years, however, Lowder Construction has evolved into the Colonial Companies. This business has now diversified into two major construction entities, Lowder New Homes, and Lowder Construction Company.

 Lowder Construction saw its most significant growth from 1990 to 2005 by working for Colonial Properties Trust (a public REIT), focusing on multi-family and retail development and construction. During that time Lowder Construction built and managed the construction of over 10 million square feet of apartment and retail buildings.

During the market shift, Lowder Construction took the initiative to refine practices and principles that have been the foundation of the company, as well as the core values that define all great companies, and focus on what’s most important- the people. Focusing on clients and employees, Lowder Construction has provided more technology giving the needed tools to increase productivity and decrease the block and tackling workload.



Jim Forrester

After graduating from The University of Florida’s School of Building Construction in 1993, Jim began working as a superintendent overseeing construction of a 396-unit apartment complex in Springfield, Missouri.  Kelly Greens is still a premier apartment community after 25 yrs.  Jim learned early in his career that cost, time, quality and safety are important variables that play into the success of any project.  But if you ask Jim today what the most important variable for success is, he would say without hesitation that it’s the relationships with the designers, subs, vendors and governmental agencies that play major roles in bringing a product to market.  “I’ve been lucky to be able to forge long term relationships with people throughout my career, and it’s because of them that I’ve been a part of delivering successful projects.”  

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Josh Lowder

A third-generation builder and developer, Josh has developed an eye for the deal and detail.  Upon graduating from The College of Charleston, Josh obtained a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Auburn University.  Josh since has his real estate brokers licenses, where he oversees the management of commercial properties.  His insight and ability to put a project together is no short-term plan to Josh, “The important thing to do is to weigh all the market variables, to look a project that makes sense over the long term with positive short-term results.”  Josh has seen success in restoration of historical mixed-use projects from Charleston to urban infill multifamily in Montgomery, Alabama. 


Casey Williams

Casey attended Troy University with a Major in Marketing. He is a licensed Alabama Home Builder and Certified Pool Operator with diverse experience in the many aspects of construction, maintenance, repairs, and landscaping.

Bryan Tucker

A 20-year veteran of the Colonial Company and the CFO/Treasurer of Lowder Construction, Mr. Tucker is a certified public accountant that provides oversight and council.  Meticulously reviewing the development of strong accountability standards on a periodic basis ensures that budgets and cost control are in place throughout.   “It’s no surprise to any of our clients or employees, that being a good steward of what has been given to us, helps us stay grounded and survive through the tough times.”

Ashley Parker

As a successful business entrepreneur for over 20 years, Ashley has learned that it takes initiative, organization, and a quality product to be successful.  She graduated from Birmingham-Southern College with a Business Administration Degree with a concentration in Marketing. Ashley believes in being a team player, giving back to community, and always striving for excellence.